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Lapzone is a leading service provider for SONY laptops. Whatever problem you might face with your laptop – related to the hardware or software, we can resolve the issues favorably at affordable costs.

If you are unable to start your laptop, chances are that the power jack is malfunctioning. We can set it right for you or get it replaced if need be. When you find that your optical drive has become non responsive, our engineers can repair it with utmost care. In the event that you encounter problems with the mother board, we are ready to take up the challenge of repairing it in our lab. Hard disk repair and keyboard repair are all undertaken by us and in case the defect is beyond repair, we will arrange for replacement from any of your Sony laptop service center in bangalore if the device is in warranty period..

In simple words, we will treat your laptop as our own baby and set it back to working condition after necessary repairs within the shortest possible time.