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The quality of mother board repairing services of Lapzone is only comparable with the quality of services of the Original Equipment Manufacturers when it comes to component level repairing of mother board. This includes both types of mother board – surface mount and through hole. The mother board being the mainstay of the entire system needs best care in repairing that is long lasting. Poor quality repairing can affect the longevity of the internal components. To achieve complete success in flawless repairing, we use the testing equipments and tools as recommended by the manufacturers of the original equipments.

We adhere to the recommended standards of quality and use the best knowledge resource to ensure that the job is accomplished with complete perfection within the budgeted costs. If the mother board is found to be damaged beyond repair, looking into the customer's interest, we also offer a buy back scheme that accompanies the new purchase of mother board From Authorized laptop service center for laptop mother board replacement in bangalore.