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Acer laptop service center in bangalore

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Laptop repairs have been the specialty of Lapzone, Bangalore. You can entrust the repair of your Acer laptop to us, as we are recognized as the most reliable service provider for multi brand laptops. The following services can be rendered by us with confidence:

Mother board – Component level or chip level repairing whatever may be required, we are highly qualified to do it for you.

LCD screen – If you have a damaged or cracked screen, then it is always advisable to get it replaced by us. We never recommend repair in such cases.

Hard disk – Our engineers can undertake the repair of the hard disk of Toshiba laptop, whether it is an operating problem or any problem encountered during booting.

Keyboard - Repairing of keyboard is done at our lab.

Optical drive – Non responsive optical drives are repaired if possible or else it is replaced by us.

Memory malfunction – we can get the memory enhanced for smooth functioning.

If memory failure is your concern, we can get it enhanced for you. Non reading optical drives and non responding power jacks can either be repaired or replaced as needed and the same applies for the inverter of your laptop at Acer laptop service center in whitefield.